help with acer 150 back up please

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Found 6th Sep 2009
Hi all,
My girlfriend has just bought an acer aspire a150 netbook and when its turned on its saying to make a back up disc. only i have afew problems with doing this. the main one being the netbook doesn't have a cd drive on it so how do i create a back up disc with no way of writing to a disc? Also is this a back up to install windows xp as it just came pre loaded with no discs etc?

thanks for any help in advance

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You should be able to cancel this. All new LT will ask to perform a backup. Is is a good practice to so a backup just in case your hard disk failed. Don't you have an external Harddisk you can connect to the LT and perform a backup?

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how do you mean cancel this? yeah i do have an external hdd just didn't know if you could do that as in the acer manual it just says burn to disc. so i guess the acer recovery thing that makes the back up will allow different destinations such as hdd etc?

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so do i just plug ext hdd into it then and back up to that? any help appreciated in case i cock it up

i dont think you need one tbh i think all acers have a secret partition on the HD tht allows you to restore without backup disks:? my 6530g did anyway

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yeah i have seen something about that while googleing alt and f10 or something like that. just i keep getting this thing come up saying make a back up maybe it makes the secret partition backup perhaps
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