Help with adware......

    Hello all,

    I know that there is loads of adware and trojans types out there, but was wondering if someone knew of a quick and secure way to remove an adware on my pc. Basically when I google something it takes me to different websites and above all myspace.

    Can someone help?



    Download a program such as ]AdAware and ]Spybot Search & Destroy.

    Get them both, and run both on a full scan, with a bit of luck it should clear things up for you.

    edit: Reason I say both, is some may slip through the net of one, but not the other. They pick up different things, and unfortunately none are 100% reliable for all types of mal-ware.

    Yes there is , loads of adware ,spyware, malware ,virus's etc .It's very important that you should have a good anti-virus program on your PC/Laptop for starters . But for Spyware , SuperAntiSpyware is very good , I used Spybot & Ad-aware for years but ditched them for SAS. There are others that a good too, MalwareBytes for instance.Do a search for SuperAntiSpyware and install it see what it finds.

    ps. no need to search , you have the direct links above.

    Do as said above
    But then install AVAST its free.
    When installing it will ask to do a boot scan this should get rid of most remaining probs.
    Plus it very good anitvirus protection.

    Original Poster

    Thanks to you all, I have repped you all. Well I have an antivirus on the pc but not anti adware. (I am using Pc guard from virgin) I have access to a full suite from Kaspersky. I think I might start using that one, as I have on another pc and Kaspersky seems a much better antivirus program.

    I've used Kaspersky , just the anti-virus version [not the intrnet security suite] together with Comodo [Firewall] for years now without any problems whatsoever .A good combination and the system seems bullet proof . But ,remember you still need your anti-spy/add/malware software too.
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