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To cut a long story short, amazon admitted they shouldn't have charged me £50 for a freebie, and refunded me on the 24th Nov... but its still not showing up in my bank! They been playing me up since the 20th Oct, and its doing my head in now :cry: Is there anything i can do to make them get their act together?

Thanks in advance :santa:


So what have you done so far?? email, phone, written?....I've found their customer service fine ..did you pay by credit card...far better to do so as it's easier for them to refund...I use an Amazon credit card and any refunds are always credited without problems.

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About 50 emails and 1 fax! lol And now today they said they have received my item and gonna refund me! But i havent sent no item back to them and they said they refunded me on the 24th :? Gonna ring them on monday, all this over something which should have been free! :-(

Give their customer services a call on this freephone number: 0800 2796620

I'm sure they'll get it right for you :santa:
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