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I've ballsed this right up. I signed up for a months free trial on July 5th, and used it to buy a few items during that period. I didn't think it would automatically charge me £50 on August 5th, I thought it would just expire. How wrong I was. So I now have an Amazon Prime account until August 5th 2009. Feel free to laugh at my idiocy.

However, it says I can cancel it if I haven't used it to buy anything with prime delivery, and get a full refund. But I did use it in the free trial, does this count? Because my 'membership dates' state July 5th 2008 - August 5th 2009, but I've paid for August 5th 2008 - August 5th 2009, and I haven't bought anything with it within those dates, so I should be alright?

I just don't want to cancel it, and then find out I won't get a refund cos I bought stuff during the free trial.

Help appreciated, thanks



Sorry ouldnt help it..:oops:

Use the ringback thing and ask them, I think you'll get it back.

Good luck

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:lol:Sorry ouldnt help it..:oops:

If I wasn't laughing I would be crying!


If I wasn't laughing I would be crying!


Yeah you should get it back. Anything you ordered was during the free period and as long as you ain't used it since you should be refunded. Ring them, Amazon have excellent Customer Services.

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I've just sent an email to customer services. Couldn't phone because it's out of hours. Cheers for the help.
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