Help with an LG TV set-up

    I have an LG37LH300 TV bought after a post on here last week. As the sound is poor I decide to buy an home cinema for it. Being smart !! I thought I would buy an LG HT304SU - my simple thinking being they would work better together because they are both LG. Well it seems I can connect to the TV but I am unable to get the sound to the home cinema from the TV. Am I correct in thinking the only audio output from the LH3000 is optical and therfore as the HT304 doesn't have an optical input it is of no use as they aren't compatible?


    thats right, no optical input means you cant watch your tv through that system.
    normal TV is only broadcast in stereo most of the time so you'd not get the surround effect but it would duplicate through the speakers.

    i have the LG5010 (last years model) and that only has headphone out and optical out.

    Are there no phono plugs on the tv and the surround?
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