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    Just started using my first android phone (San Francisco) and loving it. However when I imported all my contacts from my old Nokia they are a mess. All seem to be labelled as mobile numbers even though they used to be in seperate listings on my nokia. Does anyone know of a way to export all the contacts onto a computer, edit them in templates and re-import them to my phone. Just can't be bothered to use the android keypad to update them all and would rather do it on a PC. Thanks


    I had the same problem and didn't find a way around it,sorry.

    It seems that each manufacturer has their own way of storing the info, which isn't compatible with each other (cos that would be far too simple. . .).

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    Thanks looks like google contacts may do what I need.

    i just copied them to my sim, then off the sim to the android phone

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    Just done the google contacts thing and worked great. Thanks


    I mailed htc about this when i got my Desire as it only imported the first number from each contact, even though it recognised there was more than one number for most of them, just like when i got my X10. They replied saying the only way to get all the info at once was to use google contacts.

    Of course by the time they replied I'd already sorted it all manually
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