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    I have just received this drone from Tesco(found it about a week ago here on hukdeals). There are wires sticking out and no battery!

    Am i supposed to buy a battery and bottom cover for that drone separately or should this be included in the set?


    Includes drone controller, USB charging cable, spare propellers and instruction manual.
    Just found the link for tesco Tesco link. It does say Batteries Included - Y
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    I dont mind buying AA batteries for the controller but the battery for the drone is not included!…bit
    should come with battery, says halfway down. Guess someone fancied another battery and took it out of your box before you got it.

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    Thanks. It'll have to go back. No luck with tesco direct again. Shame

    it should have a battery. mine came today and Ive already wrapped it before the man-child sees. half tempted to open it and double check now lmao

    If the battery cover is missing looks like you got a returned item

    my battery was attached to the drone. check there.

    don't believe it supposed to have a battery cover silver battery with leads sticking out ( hubby think leads connect ) only cover is on the controller which needs 4AA batteries
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