help with av out and watching film on ipod x

    hi i thought u could put films onto ipod half the reson i purchased however as itried and failed i went to help which states u need APPLE tv at £225 ha so wasnt impressed also got a tv out cable to watch few freebie tv progs etc on tv from ipod but no instructions so i plugged it in and put to the correct channel and nothing so i wondered am i doin something wrong ?


    I believe some generations of ipod dont support this function-Im no expert tho but sure I saw this discussed here recently.



    Am I doing something wrong?

    Well obviously...............


    dont know if this will help but use this program to convert your vids from avi to ipod format
    videora ipod tuch converter just google it,
    at least it means you can watch them on your touch or iphone
    hope this helps

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    Anything after and ingluding the iPod Video 5G supports it. You don't … Anything after and ingluding the iPod Video 5G supports it. You don't need Apple TV. Do you have Av out set to on in the video settings.

    my ipod is new 8gb 3rd gen x how do i know if video 5 ? i put a film in itunes folder in my documents like i do with music files but doesnt show in itunes x also how do i find video settings have looked cant see anything sorry x

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    on my ipod in settings video it says tv out nothing you can tick or highlight it looks like a header then underneath it says widescreen andd you can switch that on and off and pal or nstc nothing to change to in or out ?


    The 3G iPod was out in 2004 and wasn't available in 8GB (I have one next … The 3G iPod was out in 2004 and wasn't available in 8GB (I have one next to me).

    ipod touch 3g??;-)

    Are you trying to watch films on your ipod, or films on tv through your ipod?

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    my ipod is a 3 rd gen the new ones and is 8gb also im trying to watch vids on ipod and watch vids from ipod on the tele x

    what ipod is it? normal ipod? ipod touch?

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    You need to convert video files to MPEG-4 or something along those lines, if you google "videora" that will take you to a link to download a conversion program. Once converted you can import the video onto itunes and then onto your ipod...

    I used to use an avi convertor to convert to mp4 or ipod files. worked fine for me, cant remember what the convertor is called though sorry

    I use software called Cucusoft to convert to MPEG4 format and drag them into itunes.

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    its a touch as stated in previous post

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    hi thanks for all your help i now have a converter working that puts the files in itunes now i just need to get it onto to the tele x
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