Found 19th Dec 2006
I'm having trouble trying to get my avatar to work ... when I upload it, it says the file is invalid.
wot does this mean and can someone help ? :-(

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Probably means the format is not accepted,,,i havent checked what is allowed but i'm guessing its probably the usual .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif etc

If you can post the image you want to use in this thread, we can check it out

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thanks ... I've tried both uploading it and adding the URL bbut nothing is working !

[url][/url] get an account and post it from there

Or [url][/url] - you can upload it to there so you can post it here without having a photobucket account.

As above :santa: If the image is saved to your desktop, you can upload it to either PhotoBucket or ImageShack where it will give you a URL to paste into this ^ up there in replying to posts. Then we can see if it needs resizing or other :santa:
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