help with B-TUBE and bluetooth please

Found 12th Jun 2009
Having purchased the B-TUBE last week i then got myself a bluetooth adapter also from play…BLS

I have tried now for many days to get the adaptor which i have tried on both my vista desktop and xp netbook to send a music file to the B-TUBE but all i am getting is a message to explain that it has not connected due to some obex file thingy.
I have spent many hours trawling google and installing obex things but it still doesn't send.
Windows says i am connected and the drivers said they were installed and i didnt use the software supplied at first as it was advised on play comments that it worked better without.
Since then i have even installed the software and the pc told me it didnt like it so i had to uninstall.
im at a loss here and cant believe this little thing can cause so much issues.
anyone know what i need please can you help.

i have attached a screen shot of the message i get when i try to send.
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obex push is the file transfer protocol. Its saying 'Im trying to push your message but the receiver is shut'
So, its probably a security code in your receiver (the thing your trying to blue tooth to) Check you manual for the default code , like when your setting up a blue tooth headset, you need the default code for the device (usually 0000)
Keep an eye on windows when you connecting for any dialogue boxes that ask for pass code(if windows asks for the code you can make one up, as long as you can input the made up code into the receiving device)

All the best

How did you connect it?
i think you have not connected the device properly. It should have been recognised as an audio device...

I think you should disconnect it completely and try reconnect it again using the bluetooth setting manager in yoiur netbook/desktop. As for PIN, my BTUBE's dfefault is 1234 which i think its the same for all
Isnt the B tube just a speaker,You cannot send a file to a speaker, You need to connect as an audio device and simply play the audio file on your pc,
When mine arrived I had to connect it as a headset, but only mono. To get stereo headset drivers it then went through Windows Update to find the correct drivers.
some bluetooth dongles and software don't support the a2dp protocol which is necessary to use these,
i found "]blue soleil" software the best for audio support thought the download version costs but it comes free with some adapters, take another look on the cd rom you got, see if its on there.
yes the bluetooth adapter is A2DP along with the B-Tube the software on the disk is blue soleil but my pc hated it and it wouldnt install properly.

i have reconnected it again and put the passkey in 1234 and it now plays from my vista pc a bit wobbly mind but its working yayyy
My mobile wont connect to it (phone > pc) ? just keep saying connection failed and i have entered the passkeys.
i think i have sorted it out best i can , though still cannot connect k800i to the pc via the bluetooth , is that normal?
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