Help with bathroom installation please!

Found 29th May
I have just moved home and need a new bathroom suite fitted in a small bathroom. I have been looking online and have seen that suites can be bought cheaply (from around 300 pounds) but really have no idea of the cost of getting it fitted!

I know that without a quote from an interested tradesperson it is impossible to say - but does anyone have a rough idea of how much it should be to replace and connect a bath, sink and toilet with new for old in the same positions please? The house is around 20 years old and the old ones still work and are plumbed in, just need disconnecting and new ones put in!

Any help / rough cost would be greatly appreciated!

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It's never, never, never as simple as 'just'.

New kit will be a different size/shape. Cheap kit has bits missing or or is non standard. Something will get chipped on the way out and you won't like that. Parts will be needed.

totally unseen guesstimates

Simple job £500 - £750 and you dispose of the old suite and rubbish. There will be signs of a change.
More of a job £2,000 - £3,000
Looks like new £4,000
Depends on the plumber - unfortunately there aren't many honest ones (that I've come across).

If you can do some of the work yourself it will help - removing a sink can be done by anyone who can use a spanner.
Removing a bath, you just need to ensure the pipes are isolated - should be a valve for both hot and cold pipes.
Undo the pipes where they connect with the taps, remove the silicone around the edge and it will come out with a bit of muscle.

There are lots of videos on Youtube to help you out.
Put the job (with details and photos) on ratedpeople or similar and they will come to you. That way you get people who are suited to but also want your job rather than wasting time phoning around. You can check their ratings and previous work too.
Labour costs vary greatly between plumbers and where you are in the uk. You could just call a few local plumbers and ask for a rough cost of fitting the suite. They will charge more if they have to take the old suite away, so if you can take them yourself down the tip, it will be cheaper. Or get the council to collect them. Most councils will charge for collecting this sort of stuff, but may be cheaper than the plumber having to take it away.
A sanitary swap is a 1-2 days work for a decent plumber. Cheap for £300, expensive at £1000. I certainly wouldn't charge any less if the customer removed the stuff themselves - it's only saving an hour, it won't be done properly, and a job like that is priced on full days labour anyway.

Get the chap to cut the bath in half (2 minute job) and all waste can be taken in a car.

Any job posted on rated people etc, the tradesman will have to pay £30-£50 to get your contact information. He's going to stick that on the quote, along with the previous two that didn't give him the job/ignored his phone calls.
Average costs
Un skilled Labourers - £60-80 per day
Skilled Labourers - £80-100 per day
Skilled tradesmen - £120-150 per day

If it is a reasonably big project I always recommend using this website for giving you rough costs...

Whenever using tradesmen always make a full checklist of tasks you need done, make sure not to miss out the small details (including small fixtures including clothes hangers, LED mirrors - would need wiring, grouting, silicone etc)

The more detail you provide the more accurate quote you can get. Always work on a total job cost and feel free to negotiate. Bare in mind summer time is always the busiest time for tradesman. So be prepared to have some very unreasonable quotes, but always shop around and preferably ask for recommendations from family and friends.

I also always recommend to use a JCT contract with tradesman as well and make sure to get/verify all their contact information.…ing

Reliable and good tradesmen will be happy to comply with signing a contract.
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