Help with best PC for under £1,000, please...

Found 12th Mar
I know this gets asked a lot, but they're changing all the time. =)

Work have given me a budget of £1,000 to get the best PC possible for under £1,000. It needs to include a monitor (22-inch or higher) and peripherals, so it's ready to go out of the box.

It's primarily going to be used for AutoCAD and working with architecural drawings. I suspect anything in that price range will be more than adequate, but I'd appreciate your suggestions, as many of your are waaay more knowledgeable than I am!

I initially looked at something like this, but I'll happily accept a tut-tut. =D…334
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I think you should ask for a more appropriate budget.

With productivity computing, it shouldn't be underestimated how much value a decent spec computer provides. The computer isn't the expensive bit - you are, and, typically, any degree of performance the system lacks which bottlenecks or otherwise impedes your productivity will over the life of the system, will be far more expensive than I suspect they've given thought to. Every minute wasted is, what, another quid pissed into the wind?

You need to research which cpu and GPU is best for Autocad, and spec out an appropriate system around them, with all the usual time-saving and stability-enhancing gubbins like NVMe storage and the like. Then, you need to find a decent display (seriously, you're doing visual work, you shouldn't be using a 1080p 21.5" panel scraped off the bottom of the barell), and a decent keyboard and mouse. You also need a reliable backup solution, although the office may already have this.

Whatever the case, a budget gaming rig from ebay is almost certainly the last thing you should consider.
I'd be prioritising a good peripherals and screen. Computers are easily replaced when they get too slow, but peripherals tend to be kept until they wear out.
A decent monitor for CAD work alone will cost more than £1k
Generally for CAD programs you want workstation graphics cards which work slightly differently to gaming graphics cards. You can easily spend £1k on just a good workstation graphics card.

Your best asking on a AutoCAD forum as they'll be able to point you towards something specific for the program.
Yeah, that's what I seem to be finding - £££. Thanks for the replies, people.
As someone who works with CAD and Adobe suite every day, I highly recommend others advice, bigger screen and then buy a second one!
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