Help with Blue Screen on Dell Dimension 2400 please

    Please can someone help?
    Our Dell Dimension 2400 did not start up. It showed the Blue screen and said BAD_POOL_CALLER and that we should disable BIOS memory caching and shadowing. We did not now how to do this. We started the computer in safe mode and downloaded Regcure but could not run it as the page was too big in safe mode for us to click on the start. We ran a virus scan (AVG) and it found a few virus's which we deleted.
    Now the blue screen is still coming up and shows 0x000000C4, 0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000000 and says there is a faulty device driver on the Kernal stack!!
    We are not techie at all but are willing to try and attempt some stuff, I tried to reinstall windows but its an earlier version so it wouldnt do it.
    Any ideas??
    Or is it destined for the scrapheap?
    many thanks for any help or advice.#


    try spybot search and destroy? ccleaner? both run in safe mode.

    Original Poster


    try spybot search and destroy? ccleaner? both run in safe mode.

    I can't get onto the net now in safe mode grrrrrrr. thanks for the suggestion.:thumbsup:

    can you access system restore when you are in safe mode? try and restore to before the problem began.
    if you still have the disc that came with the PC re install the operating system as a last effort (you'll lose everything stored on the hard drive though if you do this)

    When you first start your computer up you should get several messages, one of which is something like 'press F2 to enter setup'. The setup refered to there is the bios and that's where you need to go to change the settings mentioned.

    If it's just a faulty device driver then that shouldn't be too hard to fix, I don't suppose that screen mentions anything that looks like a filename though? If not you could look in device manager and see if there's anything obvious there.
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