Help with Bluetooth please.

Found 16th Apr
Trying to connect my phone to my tablet via Bluetooth. For some reason they can see each other, but can't connect. The phone is an Honor 9 and the tablet is a Nexus 2nd Gen. I've proven that Bluetooth works on each device by connecting each to Bluetooth headphones, but they won't connect to reach other.
I've removed both devices from list of available devices, turned off and restarted both tablet and phone, scanned and they each pick the other up. I'm given a connection code by phone which is displayed on tablet, however when I click connect it flashes like they are connecting then greys out without connecting.

I'm wondering if the tablet being a few years old is running on an older version of Bluetooth than the phone and that is why they aren't communicating, but I believed this isn't supposed to be an issue!

Any suggestions other than 'get a new tablet' would be appreciated.
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Bluetooth is backwards compatible so that shouldn't be an issue. Are you sure you aren't just pairing the devices and not connecting them afterwards ? Try sharing a photo from your phone to the tablet.…-GB
What are you trying to do after you get it connected?
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