Help with booking a Ferry to Ireland (Plus help with ebay)

Firstly looking for cheap accomodation and travel by ferry to Ireland.

We're staying in the West of Ireland (as some of you may remember, my Aunt lets her cottage out there but I've gone and booked it out for the week we want!! - Doh!!)

Anyone know what website is offering a 2 for 1 ferry travel code? Theres loads on ebay but this listing actually mentions theres a website where they give you the voucher just for registering...


Thanks everyone in advance!


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Ok I found out how to get the free ferry voucher- its through ipoints. I did a search on Landround Travel Ltd and theres also a free flight voucher deal here:


Thanks me!

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BX its out of date

Well done you! or u hehe

I think the eBay selling of URLs should be stopped though, just doesn't seem right to me.

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I agree, maybe we should start a craze of offering the information for free if they ask a question...and when they do they get the answer and a link to HotUK Deals!

Hey we could even have a 'those free items on ebay' section on here.

Calm down dear, its only ebay.

Ugh! you've turned into Michael Winner lol.

Not a bad idea though...

Lol. That would put them out of business for sure!!

What? being Michael Winner or giving the URL info for free?


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Well I'd only need to change my surname, but I think I'll give it a miss.

Got a cottage though, now need a ferry or I could make like an immigrant and buy a cheap dingy...or perhaps turn a car into a boat or befriend a coconut, oh my god I've gone cross eyed.

Rayman: I wish we COULD put Michael Winner out of business... actually, then we'd see him on more adverts in a desperate bid to earn more money!

Does anyone want to make a contribution to the 'Pay Michael Winner to get off our TV' fund?

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Do you accept green shield stamps?

Only if they're orange hehe

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There colour faded, does that help?

I called Irish Ferries up personally when I went over - worked out about £12 per person to travel from Holyhead to Dunleighie (or however its spelt).

As for accomodation, we actually booked a hostel - that cost us another 12 quid for a nights stay! Don't be put off by hostels, they are a lot better than they are made out to be.


Yes I agree

Here is a holiday snap of Del's last vaction over to Ireland

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