Help with boosting my site on google

    Hi Guys

    I just set up a new website, and wondered if anyone could cast an opinion on it? It's XXX

    Used mr site to make it, I know it's REALLY basic, but I'm looking for ways to boost it up Google rankings when people search for "xxxxxxx". If anyone has advice, I'd be grateful to hear it.




    OP edited to remove the site. You can ask for advise anyway

    Don't know how much free advice you'll receive - There's a lot of money to be had from this knowledge

    its called search engine optimisation, it involves embedding keywords.
    You need to have other sites link back to yours as well.

    For the search term you are after there is only 180,000 search results, this is not a lot really so with a bit of optimisation and link building you should be able to get your page showing on the first page. Optimisation is done by editing certain onpage and off page elements and basically making your site Google friendly.
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