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    I'm looking to book a surprise trip to Brighton for my husband's 30th birthday for 2 nights (5/8-7/8) but seem to be going round in circles looking for accommodation as I can't make a decision! Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay as I need to actually make a decision and book somewhere as things are booking up with it being peak season! Budget is about £100 per night but will stretch a bit further for something more special. Must be centrally located as we won't have a car as we will be getting the train. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


    Travelodge perhaps £66/night…els
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    The Thistle hotel is lovely, can thoughly recommend. its right on the sea front…tml

    the thistle hotel is lovely and right on the sea front

    Not sure if my link works when I paste from my phone:…135…1X1

    The Ibis in Brighton (Queens Road) is 2/3 minutes walk from the train station. Opened about 1 year ago so modern and in my opinion better than either of the 2 Travelodge hotels. One is on the Preston Rd so a good 15-20 minutes walk into town the other on the seafront but having stayed at all 3 now, I prefer the Ibis if you need somewhere comfortable but without having to spend over and above. I have stayed at the Thistle on the Seafront too, haven't checked the rates for your dates though.

    In case the link does not work, prices start at around £156 for the 2 nights. £184 gets breakfast included too.

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    No idea for the hotel but great thought for his birthday and I hope you have a great time....:)

    id stay away from central brightpn if planning a wkend visit why mot try chichester lovely place we stayed in fish house hotel own private hot tub etc. thistle is okay but you are close to west street which is the noghtclub street for all the teens x

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    Thanks everyone.
    I definitely want central Brighton as I've been there a couple of times on girly weekends and my hubby went there for his stag do but we've never been together so though that would be nice.
    Thistle is coming up as £154 a night including breakfast so that is too much and I want somewhere a bit more special than Travelodge.
    Found a hotel called myHotel and that's the winner so far.
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