Help with buyer who refuses to pay

    HI there,

    I sold a ps3 to a member on here and we came to the arrangement that he would pay 50% prior to postage and 50% when he received the item.

    He received the item and has said the item does not work... this is incorrect as he admitted to me it worked originally and didn't shut it down right and the next time he used it keeps freezing. I had the console for all of 6 years and it never had a problem.

    Anyway what would peoples advice be on the best way to either get the remaining 50% back or get him to return the item. He is flat out declining to do either. I am happy to refund him if he returns it.

    He is now ignoring me and claims i knew that i was selling him a dud ps3 and been really quite horrible about it.

    please help!


    just get him to send it back if its faulty

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    he refuses to reply to my texts or phone call

    small claims court via solicitor.

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    how much does something like that cost?

    can i report he user on here aswell so he doesn't try and swindle other people like myself?
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    I'll take a look at this now kbaynes

    did you keep a record of the serial number on the ps3 you sent out, photos etc? he could swap it with his broken ps3

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    thank you so much Syzable

    Go round and kick his head in!

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    unfortunately not I'm absolutely gutted and stressing out about this whole issue.

    the only picture i have is the one i uploaded onto this site.

    Updated FS thread, could you please reply and we can try to reach a resolution

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    haha much as go round and kick his head in sounds like the best option i just want the console back or the remaining money.
    i have his contact number and email, AND address of his pub though...

    Ok, will drop you a PM to update you and lock this up for now. Thanks

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