Help with buying a Modem Router please.

    Looking for help with getting ADSL router as I'm having issues with the ones sent by Plusnet. (Long story, don't ask!)

    Having never actually bought one before need a bit of advice, does the numbers and letters make a difference to a wired network or is it just the speed of the wireless element as I don't know what will be best for me G, N, 150, 300 etc.

    Here's my set-up need a modem router that can take 3 LAN inputs (PC, Homeplug, XBox 360) which may all be active at one time if that makes a difference. It doesn't really have to be wireless as only very occasionally have I used it in the past to connect via mobile phone or PSP but it seems that wireless is standard as far as I can see.

    Can anyone suggest a good option to give me the best speed for my broadband without a huge outlay. As I say I didn't realise they were quite expensive as usually the company supplied options work fine for my purposes.

    My connection speed is 143 kbps for downloading.

    All help greatly appreciated.

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