Help with buying a PC monitor.

Found 15th Apr
Recently bought a Acer GF246 24-inch Full HD Monitor to my disappointment it developed a line diagonally up the screen after a week =(
(back to amazon it went )

having done a quick search online i came across these two monitors..
AOC G2590VXQ 24.5-inch Widescreen TN LED Multimedia Monitor

iiyama G2530HSU-B1 24.5" G-Master HD LED Gaming Monitor with FreeSync and USB.

As you may have gathered I am after a 24-25 inch freesync Monitor 1ms response time with a DP out.

If anyone could help me decide, have some advice for me or link a recommendation I would appreciate it
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Manufacturer quoted response times bear no relation to reality so I'd either ignore that or attempt to find independent testing.

Ghosting/motion quality also depends on the overshoot and whether the screen has backlight strobing, neither of which were around when response time started to be measured so it doesn't account for them.

It's a meaningless number.
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