Help with buying a portable DVD player for the car.

    Looking to buy either 2 or 1 with 2 screens as I have 2 children. What I have determined so far:

    I need it to have a battery, as those without batteries reset when you turn off the car engine - so I am told. I assume if I have one with batteries and it is plugged into the cigaret socket the batteries will take over if the car is switched off, or do I need to run them off the batteries all the time to overcome this?

    Looking for a twin screen one rather than 2 separate ones as I assume the remotes would conflict if I bought 2 separate ones (same model). Also as I have a 3 year old and 7 year old I wouldn't want them to watch something different all the time with headphones.

    I read somewhere that the Phillips ones require brackets and that they can be dangerous? Therefore after a different model which also has a car harness for around the backs of the headrest. Although I could buy them separately but that would be extra.

    I like the look of tablet style ones but not sure if a car strap would hold them rather than a harness type device? My car is a Citroen Picasso.

    Finally looking to spend between £100 and £150 ideally.

    Any advice gratefully received.

    This one looks good but not sure about the strap and is more than I wanted to pay:…t=1


    I think the ones strapped to the headrest are dangerous too.

    I believe it is the roof mountable ones that might be the safest.

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    Thanks Hugh Jass, I sort of agree but anything can potentially be lethal in the wrong circumstances though. Anyone else have any thoughts on best makes etc.

    Roof mounted ones?

    Id have a look at or which are all on sky and their websites usually show you in advance when items will be sold so you can tune in at the time.

    Ive often seen car dvd players on there in the past so worth having a look.

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    Thanks Jase.2

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    Ordered this one in the end: ]Nextbase Portable DVD

    Ordered it earlier and notice it is out of stock now.


    did u read the review for this product

    "I had been thinking about buying a twin DVD player for the car for sometime....but a long journey up to Scotland with two small, often arguing, children made up my mind.
    The DVD players come in their own carry bag, complete with all the leads and very easy to attach velcro headrest straps...very compact, they even have a remote control with a battery. Super visual clarity. Really smooth design. The sound is not very loud (good thing whilst you are concentrating on driving) but very adequate and I would recomemnd a couple of pairs of foam headphones.
    A six hour journey was turned into a fighting, only quietnes and calm. Not only were the DVDs indispensible in the car, but at night pop a story CD in and they send the kids off to sleep too. Well worth the money, I love them. "

    the same guy reviewed a phillips twin and said the exact same,either that or amazon are making up their own reviews?

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    You have to take some reviews with a pinch of salt as some people give something 1 star others 5. Also if I worked for PR in a company the first thing I would do is 'review' all of my products.

    Having said that the same kit is out of stock at PLAY for £10 more and the comment there is: 'Cant beleive i picked this up for 109.99!!! looked for ages and saw this one on the highstreet and it was by far the best bulid/picture quality, it was however nearly 200 quid!! So I snapped this up!!!'

    Anyway I have received the kit and looked at it for 10 minutes, and now it is wrapped up for Christmas but I thought it was a great buy. Picture great, compact and light. As the 'review' said the sound wasn't too loud, although I don't know if other makes are louder, but that shouldn't be a problem for me. Sound through headphones was great.
    Time can only tell if it is as good as I think but for the spec of the machine - tablet style, with battery, in-car charger, plays loads of different formats eg. DVD+\-R, multi region seems good value.
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