Help with buying a R4DS

    Can anyone tell me where i can get an official one of these?

    How easy is it to put the games on these?

    Complete novice here lol


    dont know about r4ds
    bought a tt3 from deal extreme which came today
    if you can transfer one folder to another you can transfer games
    its just as easy

    bought another one today coz we got 3 ds's from consoleup
    getting an m3 though

    i got mine from gadget asia, really easy to use i followed a video on u tube, only had to watch it once, its really easy to do

    Don't buy that, get an M3 ds can use high capacity micro sd cards with that one, and play gameboy advance games.

    Do a search, i posted a direct link to it the other day, got it from the mod chip store, perfect bundle
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