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Found 29th Aug 2010
Hey guys, I am looking for a Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) Gi, not too bothered what colour it is and the best I can find is around £45 plus shipping. Would like links to sites etc.

Would be much appreciated, thanks.
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used to buy all of my stuff from here...i actually went to their store though and tried things so i dont know what their delivery service is like but they should be good.......where are u taking lessons?…tml
45 is pretty good tbh mate
Cheers mate looks good at £35, I'm training under Roger Gracie at Andy Roberts BJJ in Farnborough, what about you? Don't suppose you know if they have any other shops around the south near surrey/reading?
ah nice, i was doing taekwondo, used to do the tournaments and everything, would love to train bjj are lucky that you found a brazilian ju jitsu place, there arent any in my area, mostly ju jitsu which isnt as good ....good luck with it, its one of the best martial arts to learn in my opinion.

kung fu, you still training? i got pads and body armour im looking to get rid of, you got any students that would be interested? i was fighting in 63kg division at the time so probably wouldnt be suitable for a full grown adult.....i doubt they are something that people would be interested in buying on know of any places which would get some interest other than ebay?
Yeah it is really good, im doing it with muay thai so more of MMA which is what i like! Hopefully compete in UK MMA amateur competitions

45 is pretty good tbh mate

hello! where u been hiding?

hello! where u been hiding?

during works time ive been using the last year or so to lurk in the background and compile a list of lies,inconsistencies and just plain wrongness of certain hukd members for my own enjoyment.
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