help with buying something and not using e bay.

    if you see something from somebody and pay by paypal (ie not off e bay) does this still mean if they dont deliver u the goods you are entitled to a refund? seen something on a ads site but they live away so would pay by paypal how can i assure this is a good transaction for us both?
    I know some of u deal on here so u might know..
    Thanks Guys


    As long as its paypal and not paypal gift then your ok.

    You can claim INR but not SNAD,the latter is only available on ebay sales.

    Timeframe is 45 days for an INR claim:thumbsup:

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    thanks guys. so they couldnt rob off with my money then

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    ok. thanks hun


    sorry guys but if you are using paypal for anything other then ebay you … sorry guys but if you are using paypal for anything other then ebay you are not covered, regardless of whether its paid as a gift or not. It is correct that if paying for something on ebay and it dont turn up you can TRY and claim your money back as long as the seller has fund it their account, this was told to me when i had problems with paypal and using them on another site, it was also on watchdog sometime in November. best advice it never use paypal outside of ebay or better still dont use it at all. I HATE PAYPAL like most othershttp://www.paypalsucks.comhave a look at the above site.. hope this helps

    Sorry but you are totally misinformed. Paypal covers you for none eBay transactions too.

    I have had several none eBay disputes settled successfully.
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