Help with camcorder and movie maker

    Hello Everyone

    My son wants to make movies to post on you tube. We have a digital camcorder VP-D70 Samsung. The connection is 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.LINK) ( 4 PIN FireWire )

    I have no idea how to connect it to the computer as I tried to buy a lead a couple of years ago and had no joy!

    I've just brought my son a dell laptop details are below
    210-17061 Inspiron 1501 Turion 64 X2 TL56 (1.8GHz, 512K)

    Also can anyone tell me of any good software he can buy to help him edit his movies? :w00t:

    Many thanks


    I am afraid you'll need something like ]Pinnacle Moviebox USB. According to Dell, there is no firewire card in your laptop and no PCMCIA, so firewire (DV in this case) to USB is the only way to go.
    If your camera got analogue video/audio outputs, then you can buy cheaper external USB video capture card.

    As to software, try Sony Vegas Movie Studio. IMHO, this is the best software you can get without paying for professional stuff like Vegas or Adobe Premiere. But if you are going to buy external video capturing device, it should normally come with some video editing software.

    Original Poster

    Would something like this do?…eed

    I have all the leads I used to connect to my old video recorder.

    I don't want him spending too much of his birthday money just to connect the camcorder to his computer.

    Thanks again

    I believe the Inspiron 1501 has an express card slot (this is now replacing PCMCIA slots)
    You can use a FireWire ExpressCard adaptor to provide a Firewire port on your laptop…t=1

    Shop around & you may find one cheaper than in the link above.


    Has it? There is no mentioning of any expansion slots on Dell website. If it does, then obviously, there is no need for expensive Pinnacle things

    I looked on the Dell website & there is no mention of expansion slots…However I’m sure I have read on this forum that it does have the slot.

    notakdi can you have a look & let us know if it has one or not.


    1501 doesnt have express card slot just 3-in-1 media card reader

    According to the user manual it does have one?

    It would still be better if it was confirmed as you know what owners manuals are like :roll:

    Yes that would let us all know for sure wouldnt it ;-) I dont have one of these here to check against.

    Confirmed, it has got an express slot.

    That good news....thanks Mike :thumbsup:

    So notakdi you can use FireWire ExpressCard adaptor (in my link above) to connect the camcorder to the laptop :thumbsup:

    Windows movie maker will allow you to basic editing!

    Original Poster

    Hi Everyone
    The laptop has PCMCIA Firewire Express Card.
    I'm trying to get one now.
    No one has any supply.
    I'll try that link
    Many thanks to everyone::roll:


    A PCMCIA & an Express Card are different things…..the Inspiron 1501 has the Express Card slot.

    Please make sure that you get an Express card Firewire adapter :thumbsup: & [SIZE="4"]NOT[/SIZE] the PCMCIA firewire adapter as they are not compatible with each other, even though the slot looks the same

    Original Poster

    Hi Uncle Buck

    Yes! I found out today in Maplins I brought one and its just as you said. when I returned it they didn't even know of the new express one! They thought it was some Dell design to make you buy off them only.
    Thanks to you and the other posters I knew better.
    I am going to order from that link that you posted 'cos when I searched all different types came up and I don't want to make the same mistake again.

    Many thanks to everyone.

    The power of The Hot Deals forum strikes again :-D

    PCMCIA slots are still common on a lot of laptops even though Express card slots are now taking their place, so I can imagine that in most stores they would automatically try to sell you a PCMCIA Firewire adapter thinking that this is what you need despite you telling them different :roll:

    From what I have found on the internet the place in the link ( is the cheapest for the card :thumbsup:

    I hope after all of your efforts the card works ok & you can get youe Son’s movies onto you tube ok :thumbsup:

    Good luck.

    Regards, UB.
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