Help with car insurance

    Does anybody know where the best places are to get car insurance from?

    My dad has just got a new car and needs to get it insured but doesnt really use the internet and hes heard that there is some really good deals to be had

    I dont drive so its all foreign to me. I have heard that going through Quidco can be worthwhile when purchasing insurance

    any help would be much appreciated


    If you go onto Quidco [url][/url] you can earn cashback for any insurance taken out with the companines on there.



    ]Click me Here is a link to the car insurance page on martin lewis' website. I found it very informative:thumbsup:

    Directline 0845 246 8706
    Doubt youll find cheaper,Kwikfit wanted £400 this year and directline did it for £165

    I would suggest using a comparison site such as to get the best price but then instead of buying through that go direct to the company via quidco (if possible) to get your cashback.

    what he said ^^^^^

    looks like you got access to tinternet - give you dad a hand "! dont have all the insurers just the ones that pay them,Dont assume that what they say is the cheapest is without trying directline,

    Original Poster


    looks like you got access to tinternet - give you dad a hand "!

    thats what im doing!!!

    If you do go through a compare site first, make sure you clear your cookies before going to Quidco as not doing this can lead to your purchase not tracking.

    i found elephant rather cheap, i dont drive but have been getting quotes for a rough idea for when i pass my test. will try directline thanks for that one

    silly question but how do you clear cookied ?

    cookies even!!

    Click on Tools, Internet Options, On Browsing History click on Delete and choose delete cookies.
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