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Found 12th Oct 2009
Hi all

I have recently purchased a new (used) car, I have put my car insurance in my boyfriends name (main driver) and me as named driver.

I have done this because he needs to be the main driver in order to keep his NCB he built up on his own policy, he cancelled his insurance policy 2 years ago as we only have 1 car between us now, I have been the main driver up to this point but now the two years are almost up for which he can keep the NCB., so he needs to be the main driver in order to not lose the 10 years he built up.

Anyway the problem i have is the car is registered in my name, but i do not live with my boyfriend.

I have since read that unless you are married or have been living with the person for 6 months or more it's not allowed on this policy.

Does anyone know of a car insurance that will allow this?


Why not just put the car in joint names?

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You are the funniest person ... ever :roll:

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Why not just put the car in joint names?

I didn't think you could do that? :?

The above reply was for the "joke" ... that's now been removed :-D

Whats the prob

Many drivers arnt the owner of the car.IE company car tell ins that he is main driver put car v5 at his address
All done fine and dandy.My v5 at mums address ins at my house cheaper.
made claim not my fault sent in paper work no probs.
Ive added my mum to my car ins to save £50.00 she will never drive it so its a lie to add her ?? is it.

You would need to tell them that the car is registered in your name. If either of you had an accident and the car was written off, your insurers would need your reg doc and if it's not been declared that you are the registered keeper of the car they can void your policy and not pay out. If you tell them the truth they may accept that without any problems. If you don't ask you don't know.

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Well when i filled out the information I put that (speaking from my boyfriends view) that the car is owned by "partner" (me).

I looked at the small print and "partner" is if you have been living together for 6 months, but we live at different addresses with our parents. :thinking:

register bf as keeper sorted

If you are living apart I think you will have to 'give' him the car legally, as in sign the registration document over to him.
However be aware, some insurance companies can also get extremely funny about how you name your drivers.
IE The car is registered in YOUR name, presumably kept at YOUR address? Yet he is listed as the main driver and you are just a named driver? Most insurance companies will class the main driver as ahving to be the main user of the car.
Also if he has taken out the insurance, where did you say the car was parked overnight, and is it actually parked at his place or yours? If it is fairly permanently kept at yours, then the chances are if it was stolen from outside of your house the insurance may not pay out, as that was not where it was insured to be kept.

Just remember, read the small print, make sure you answer every question truthfully and fully, and contact the insurance company about anything you are unsure of, or that doesn't exactly match their requirements, otherwise you can be sure that if you do need to make a claim at some point the will wiggle and squirm their way out of paying out if you have given them a way to do so.

The " owner " of the vehicle does not need to be the registered keeper.

The registered keeper is the name that needs to be on the log book V5.
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