Help with Car insurance - please !!!

    dreaded time of year in the next few months with my
    car insurance to sort out , has any one got any voucher codes
    or deals they have heard off.
    one of the best quotes ive had is from tesco's - theres a
    chance to enter a voucher code for further discount if anyone
    has the code.
    thanks in advance



    Same boat as me mate - have a look at:

    [url][/url] & [url][/url]

    Both search 100's of insuracne companies on your behalf & get you the best quote.

    If you can get a quote from - they do £120 back via Quidco

    Good Luck

    ps - I'm waiting til my birthday on Sunday before getting any quotes, as I'll be 25 then !!

    pps - add an older (pref female) driver to your policy & watch the price tumble......

    Hi Ryan!

    Welcome to the forum :thumbsup:

    I use the Post Office at the minute for my insurance - cheapest quote i had anywhere by at least £30! (mine's quite low now with 8 years no claims :-D)

    They also gave me a £50 postal order as a special offer!! :thumbsup:

    Try Lloyds TSB car insurance.
    They were cheapest for me. For some reason their quotes dont always show up in ' s search.
    Quidco also offer a massive £120 back.

    Another idea, Churchill will beat any quote if you have 3 years no claims. (TV ad!)

    Definitely worth spending as much time as possible shopping around for car insurance, prices vary so much.



    I got my insurance from ********** finance-they gave me the cheapest quote and you can get nectar points. I think it's underwritten by e-sure Also some good quotes on confused as already pointed out.
    May be worth considering Churchill too as they guarantee to beat you quote!

    Good luck anyway - it's a nightmare!

    Hi again

    Don't know why the ** have come up - my first post so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyway - it's a supermarket and Jamie Oliver advertises their food...

    Original Poster

    sorry im all new to this quidco malarky !!!
    dont they give you earnings back for spending money
    on-line , how do they trace the transactions though
    when you buy something , do you have to enter
    a speicial code or do they track it by other means ???

    Create a quidco account then find the retailer on the Quidco site and click 'visit merchant'.
    There are no codes etc to enter.
    Cashback payments usually take a few months.
    Quidco will take a fee (£5 a year i think) from your earnings.

    See here for more info : ]http//ww…22/

    (oh and make sure you clear cookies before going to the merchant)

    oh yes..... yes...

    Oh yes.... (and quidco too......)

    Basically you register with Quidco. Go to which ever online website you require via the Quidco website and then whatever purchase you make is tracked by Quidco and shown on your account. After a certain period of time, the company you bought from will pay the money to your account. Out of this money Quidco take £5 per year. You can then transfer the money to either Paypal or your Bank Account. Just been paid my £100 by Prudential, that means fully comp ins for £117 for the year!!

    Damn - mine is looking at around £1.5k 25 on Sunday too

    Damn - mine is looking at around £1.5k 25 on Sunday too


    What are you driving?!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for everyones comments , really impressed with this
    site and the posters !! see to be the best quote ive had so
    far , chris was motor do you drive - seems very expensive
    , im 24 and been quoted £700 for a focus st3 which is brand new
    (vurtaully) only three years no claims , no accidents or
    convictions though.

    moneysupermarket is annoying, everytime time you click to move on you get the same pop up over and over - good quotes tho lol.

    got mine through Sadburys saved extra 10% usin Sadburys credit card saved over £380 from my previous insurer.....
    had to edit it to sadburys but im sure u know who i mean (:


    Damn - mine is looking at around £1.5k 25 on Sunday too

    Mines £1600 on one car and £1300 on the other

    i just used to get a quote from my car - its4me adn for a 15K car i got charged just 675! wicked

    Combination of car & postcode

    Driving a Seat Leon FR TDI

    Personally i'd avoid Churchill, family member has just been involved in an accident and Churchill's customer service has been dreadful so far.

    Have you tried a quoted from + #100 from Quidco too!
    I'm 25 and Ive got a V5 170bhp Seat toledo with none no claims, premium was 1200 (1100 with quidco)

    I was with elephant before and when it came to renewal, Admiral beat the quote by £250!

    Tesco have great deals... I only pay £29.96pm at the moment, fully comp, 4yrs no claims but i don't own a suped up motor, just a 53 Clio

    As some of you might have read in another thread my bro won Niveas hummer and he's just been quoted 5.3k for insurance! Oh well gave me a laugh hehe


    I use QuotelineDirect part of Wilsons in Manchester - The website is OK but I still manage to get some discount talking to their agents and the policies are pretty fair and I have had a few claims!
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