Help with car pricing?

    Is there any way to check what price a car sold for? I know it can be done for houses but I really need to find out what price a certain car sold for. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I know the value now but need to know the price it was sold for. Thanks


    Short of asking the buyer or seller I don't think this is possible. I don't think the seller has any obligation to inform any body, party or service of the sale price. Imagine if you'd sold your own car privately. Would you have to tell anyone how much you'd sold it for? I don't think Traders have to do it either.

    Why do you need to know?


    Impossible, no database records this info....I sell a few cars a year through ebay and have never disclosed how much I sell it for.....

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    Well i was actually the buyer but the dealership are refusing to release the information to me! been tossed around for months now and wondered short of going to a lawyer if there was any way to find out. Oh well thanks anyway guys! private reasons for needing the information btw!


    How did you pay? if it's cash then I can't see anyway around this...if it's finance or credit card etc just contact those companies???

    Surely as the buyer you would know how much you paid?, if you've forgot the details would be entered on any finance agreement which if still in situ would be available(from the finance company) due to the data protection act.


    Try to explain yourself better i'm laughing my head off right now. How can you be the buyer and not know how much you paid for a car unless you are loaded and don't care, in which case what you doing on here?
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