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hi my daughter moved back home and brought her 2 cats with her,they are brothers,2 years old,both been done and one wees everywhere but the litter box,does anyone have any ideas why? have got sprays from pet shop but has not helped,he has been with us now since april so has settled in,he is a lovely cat apart from that.he does number 2 in litter box but cannot stop him weeing.he had this problem when my daughter had him,we have had him checked by the vet but can not find away of stopping him...any help plz...

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Could try reading ]here, might have a few ideas to try.

Note, there is page 1-4 at the bottom, it's quite small, i missed it first time.

Wish I could help. Just to say we had a male neutered cat who did this and it drove me nuts. The vet just said they did this sometimes. Eventually he stopped doing it - don't know why. But it was a real relief!

They are marking there teritory... making the house smell familiar to them.. it's a pain, my two male cats did the same and the smell is disgusting... try puting there food where they pee as they do not pee where they eat

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his not spaying though his actually just weeing in big puddles,and its not in one certain place its all over,had to put foil all around to stop him..thanks for the advice though.

My two were just peeing at the front door all the time and ripping up the carpet... now they have stopped it.. The litter tray was clean so I never knew why.. the vet just told us it's because they are trying to make the house smell familiar to them.. thank god they have stopped it.. although if I leave certain things out, ie plastic bags or I bleach the sink they pee everywhere. I bought every spray but it never worked... ended up getting a water pistol and everytime I caught them doing it, I just sprayed them with water... seemed to do the trick

A freind had a similar problem and, I kid you not, the solution was a form of kitty prozac. It worked for them. Ask your vet. I believe it was a mist that they sprayed in the cat's face vice a pill. Good luck.

sorry I can't help as I've not ahd this problem with ours but this forum is very good if you don't get anything from here


good luck,

sounds like the cat is stressed out in his new home
he/she needs something familiar ne the litter tray that smells of his owner and old worn unwashed t shirt this may help to relax him

It could be happening for many reasons including - the move, bladder problems, dislike of the actual litter that is being used, also, cats don't really like sharing litter trays, so do they have one each? It could be that it doesn't like 'going' where the other one has been. Then again, cats can be pretty strange so it could just be a habit he's gotten into!

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thanks for all the advice.they have a litter tray each and my daughter lives here with us so his quite happy really,its just the weeing....will try the spray from the vets though,thank you for all your help..
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