Help with Buy and Sell Exchange

    Has any one bought a Phone from cex they are graded a,b,c
    i am looking to buy grade A phone
    Are grade A phones Mint condition ?????


    from cex

    Why are some phones of the same make and model different prices?
    We will charge you more depending on the condition of our phones. We break this down into three grades:

    Grade A - These phones will be in good physical condition and come with all the original contents as sold when new.
    Grade B - These will be in reasonable physical condition, but can have slight blemishes on the case. They may be missing their original box, and one or two accessories. They will come with a charger.
    Grade C - These will be in full working order, but otherwise the condition is irrelevant. They may not come with box or accessories, but will come with a charger.

    have you brought from there before
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