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My daughter has to decorate an egg for her homework this weekend and the theme is 'one world' has anybody any ideas what we could do??


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The world [Earth] with a Heart in the Middle.

have the world at the top with little people all around holding it up and the people could be of all different ethnicities

People holding world
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Paint it all green, as normally you paint the world/globe with blue (water) inbetween the continents, islands etc, so you can say you are uniting the world as one land/one world.

Could it be more than one egg? If it can then what about a very large egg (goose or something) painted as the world, or even a small globe, in the middle with some other smaller eggs around with faces painted on them, use diff shades of brown and white eggs for the skin colours? You could also have fun with things like coolie hats, cowboy hats, turbans etc depending how detailed you wanted it to be and your daughter's age and capabilities

Paint it dark blue, add a moon and then put lots of glitter on it for the stars - easy and fun!

similar to mai's suggestion, but how about an egg decorated in basic block shaped people of different colours (representing ethnicity) holding hands around the middle


just dip it in grey paint and take it in as a rock

stick minature flags all around the egg

Chuck it against a wall with the message "Our "One" World in a few years time"

Being serious.Have a look at this -…oq=

You might get a few ideas there.

Just paint a smiley and write cesium-134 underneath it.

Good at painting?

[snip by DBA]

I would say, paint the world map, but with all the countries joined together

Does it have to be this world? Why not do another planet?
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