help with Chinese tablet now fixed look

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Found 20th Dec 2014

What does this mean . I tried to flash as the screen res was 480x480/and ended up with 800x480 which was acceptable as asofa surfer but the flash failed but tablet still worked couple of days later this.
I've tried to hold vol+ and power but nothing only this.
Now I can't see or give it away as all my apps are signed in so
Help for a restore or flash or target practice for my sons air rifle
The tablet is a no name dual core think its an a23/winner
Has volume +- next to that a back button then power on top side
Thanks in advance j

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If it was working a couple of days after your flash then I would think you are looking at a hardware fault as your picture seems to indicate. Only you know if its worth sending back, though I suspect I know the answer.

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ah .. as ive never seen that icon before, seen many others just not that one , shooting range it could be then lol

YUP you buy cheap and nasty tack from China and this is what you get with no comeback as you aren't going to go through the hassle of returning. Stuff gets here quick from China but I would imagine the opposite direction will be a very different story.

Look on the bright side it didn't burn your house down killing your family.

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Well graham1979

That's a really blunt comment !! And assumption well that's another thing.... Firstly I knew what I was buying
And secondly all I wanted was a sofa surfer not a full blown tablet for gaming etc.
All I have asked is what is the symbol is and advice.



Hi, create new thread Here and i hope someone will answer you..

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thanks but need to say hello on 10 plus post which then need to be reviewed to avoid spam whihc is pointless as im spamming but saying hi on loads of threads lol

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