Help with choosing a mobile phone

    Would appreciate some advise/suggestions based on these criteria:

    - I’m on O2 PAYG and do not want to change (happy with service & I have their discounted broadband etc.)
    - I make very few calls and texts. I would very rarely use the internet as well. Also, I’m not bothered about applications, or games etc.
    - I primarily want the phone as an Mp3 player (to save carrying two devices around). As such, it will need around 16gb of memory, a 3.5 audio jack, a good music player interface and good battery life.
    - I’d also like sat nav (preferably that doesn’t incur a charge when in use)
    - A decent quality camera with flash (I currently have a Sony Ericson K800i, so I’m looking for a step up in picture quality from that)

    Budget of 'around' £250

    I have been looking at the Nokia X6 (looks good for music and free sat nav) and the Sony Ericson Experia X10 Mini Pro (not sure if it has sat nav though)

    Any help appreciated


    I have just been doing some research on the sat nav issue for a phone myself and it looks like Nokia is the only one with free offline sat nav.
    Other choices seem to be big one-off payment for an app, or data usage to use it. (Or i have heard smoe let you plan the route via wifi, try to cache the maps, and dont stray off the route! all sounds a bit long winded and complicated for me to bother with though.)

    Unless anyone else knows different?

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