Help with choosing a phone please!

    I was initially after the SE W995, but alot of reviews are stating that although on paper it's specs seem impressive, it doesnt utilise these well and is supported by bad software.

    I was also tempted by the LG Renoir, Samsung Tocco Ultra, SE W705..the list is endless

    Basically, I'd like a phone with a reasonably sized screen, decent camera, wi-fi and damn good looks.

    Wouldn't mind buying a phone up to about £200 or signing up to a contract for it.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW, i've been a SE devotee for as long as I can remember so although i'm tempted by other phones, I think i would secretly prefer an SE... open to all suggestions though!


    I tested the samsung tocco ultra a few weeks back and wasn't impressed, very slow and nothing special! I've had nothing but problems with my samsung soul and would stay well away in future. However, this is just my opinion.

    Sony Ericsson are good, will definitely get one of their phones next time!

    I would definitley get the w995 if i could ,i love SE phones but have always hated the headphone socket,Now a SE with a 3.5mm would be a dream and having all the audio controls on the side makes it the perfect mp3 phone,I have a 5800 nokia that is good but would give you this and £60 for a w995

    I have just received the w995. PEFECT Phone, the first phone in a long time I have actually liked, and have been happy with.

    Great UI, Sony Ericsson is back on form, I highly recommend the w995.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the info. i think i'll definately opt for the w995, i just can't resist
    looks like i'll have to buy an unlocked one for £350 though
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