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Found 16th Jul 2014

I have been looking for a mid range Vacuum mainly to be used at home on wood flooring (No carpets to vacuum).

Came across this one - vax.co.uk/vac…ner , which seems to be good.

Anyone here have one of these ? Is this a good one, or should I keep looking ?

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I wouldn't buy a single cyclone vax as you will be forever cleaning the filter. Their decent models have a longer guarantee (6 years). I would get a cheap one off Ebay if you have to. Mine was a refurb off Argos Outlet/seconds and cost me like £35 instead of £129 or whatever the inflated price was. Register it on Vax website and you would get a full guarantee. What about this? ebay.co.uk/itm…992

Ha Ha just seen the price on Vax website for this model is showing as £199!!!! vax.co.uk/vac…ner

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I think it looks quite good and with a 2000 power should be great for wooden floors. Personally I prefer a bagged cylinder vacuum as I don't like emptying the rubbish compartment. There is a similar one in Argos vax that you could also look at. A little while back many fellow hukkers were offering voucher codes for Vax, if you really want to buy direct from them perhaps ask if anyone has a valid voucher code they could give you.

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Thanks Guys for the response. I will have a look at them


Never had much luck with with Vax or Dyson. I would go for a Panasonic & the watts never seem to make much difference imo.
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