Help with choosing phone please - Nexus 5X, Honor 5C, Moto G4, Oneplus??

Found 5th Jul 2016

So I want to buy a new mobile and I'm really stuck. I want to make sure the value is there but struggling with this.

Choices are:
Wileyfox Swift if it drops to £99.
Moto 4G for £150ish. Good but no NFC.
Honor 5C for £150ish. NFC but no fingerprint.
Nexus 5X for £179. NFC and Fingerprint but new Nexus due soon.
Oneplus X for £189. No NFC again but good spec.
Oneplus2 for £249. Fast but no NFC.
Oneplus 3 for £309. Pricey but all the features.

Now you may think just buying the Oneplus3 is the obvious choice, but I'm not so sure as its way more expensive. The 5X looks good value on paper, but again not sure. The Moto G4 looks great but no android pay.
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Oneplus 3 as it has everything you need
Do you need NFC/fingerprint? if yes then discard the phones that do not support both
What is your budget? You have already said Oneplus3 is expensive. Then Nexus 5X (yes a newer model is coming, but that will always happen).
personally speaking all I want in a phone is
- Not too big that I can't use comfortably with 1 hand
- Nice quality screen
- Removable battery

For these reasons I'm very happy with my Sammy G S4
I have a Oneplus 2 and can not fault it but a friend of mine has the Oneplus 3 and that is very nice excellent build quality superb screen and v fast but if you do choose a Op3 buy one before 11th July as the price is going up £20 but still a bargain even at £329
Thanks all. I think I could live without fingerprint and get a 5c but the software would frustrate me, I like pure Google. it's the 5x or the oneplus 3. 5x is cheaper and would get N sooner but oneplus is great spec. grrrrr
which did you go for?

hasn't nexus 5x got poor battery life to, currently have telephone p8000 which easily gets through day with around 4 screen time. I'm considering nexus 5x for software updates and the moto g4 plus for camera
I went for the nexus 5x. battery is OK, and currently on android N beta which makes it better still. I'm a light user so it's perfect, camera is great. but battery is its weakness.
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