Help with chromecast

    Hi, I sseem to have a problem with my chromecast.
    its works perfectly on every tv in the house apart from one.
    I have it powered via usb port however it doesn't seem to power it via usb on one tv it works with the mains tho.
    I have tried a usb flash drive in the tv and that works but not the chromecast any hel would be appreciated as Google can't.
    Thanks in advance.


    A usb flash drive draws very little power
    A chromecast will pull more than the standard 500mA usb
    You will need to use the mains adapter if the tv does not have a high power usb

    if you have two usbs u could use a special cable that draws power from both usbs...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for both your replies I will try and find the cable you mentioned but I have a mains plug close by. its also the smallest tv in the house so maybe thats why.
    thanks again.

    Can't seem to get working says be near device but I am it'd connection to Internet chromecast has a mains lead any advice frustrated
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