Help With Claiming Bank Charges

    Hi there,

    Was just wondering if anyone is claiming back their bank charges, and if so, who with?? Not sure how to go about it, was dealing with a company called ismart, but after reading a few stories about them i've decided against it.

    Any one with any info or companys they've used would be a great help!!



    Think you've missed the boat on this now pending a court ruling.

    Very helpful advice ]HERE

    from what I've heard you can still put your claim in now - in fact you defo should do because thats the 6 year time frame that will be looked at so the longer you leave it the more money you'll not be able to claim back - but the bank won't make any decisions until after the hearing.

    If the hearing comes out against the banks at least you'll already have your claim in.

    edit - gottta 2nd birdyboyuk's link too - they helped us claim back a few thousand a while back.

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    It should be classed as financial hardship in my case so theres an exemption i do believe which means the banks have to deal with your claim now? Found some useful advice on MSE just there, thanks for your input though!! Anyone else claimed financial hardship?

    MSE site is good for this
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