Help with Colic

    I have a 3 week old baby who has all the sign sof Colic. We have tried swaddling, Infacol but dont seem to be having any effect whatsoever. With 2 other kids my wife and i are in danger of meltdown (not what you want before valentines day! he he) does anyone have any other ideas on what to do?
    He is being Breast Fed not bottle at the moment.
    Im seriously at my wits end!



    Cofic drops!!!! absolutly brilliant. They take a little while to kick in but trust me they were my life savours when my little one had colic x

    Unfortunatly they are expensive but that small bottle lasts about 3 weeks x I was lucky and managed to get a doctor to put them on prescription but not many doctors will do it for some weird reason.

    You have to follow the instructions to the letter but get down to the chemist NOW and grab some x

    Also try gripe water x

    good luck and if you ever want a chat with someone who really really understands just shout x

    gripe water all the way sorts it right out

    i used to use colic drops or gripe water

    I used a herbal remedy called colacynth (think that's how you spell it!) granuals thats you give your wee one....about a couple of quid from mosy chemists...infacol never worked either....if your wife is breast feeding get her to drink some fennel tea as it will soothe your wee one too.

    Original Poster

    colic drops. will try that! Gripe water is for 1 month plus and not sure i can wait 10 more days plus little 1 is in agony! How long do they take to kick in?

    what bottles are you using?? we started our 2nd son off with avent bottles and he got really bad colic so we changed his bottles to the doctor brown ones and used infacol and this worked an absolute treat.... hope you get it sorted... nowt worse.... btw is the baby a boy? boys are more prone to colic

    speak to the doctor im sure they will suggest something or pharmist at local chemist
    for my baby colic drops seemed to work near enough straight away

    Also try laying him/her down and raising the knees to the stomach as it helps to expel any trapped wind.

    My son had this too and sadly nothing seemed to work but giving him a dummy did help!

    Fortunately is doesnt last forever but it is very hard xx

    hi, i have twin daughters and they both had colic, i used to use DENTINOX colic drops, you add it to the bottle as soon as you have made them up, shake the bottle and it will stop any bubbles forming in the feed, therefore no bubbles/wind forming in the stomach of baby, saved my sanity i can tell you

    Poor bubba. As your lo is not bottle fed, much of the above will be quite difficult to administer.

    With my first dd, I drank fennel tea which worked a treat - definately recommend. I also took her to a Osteopath for a few sessions and this seemed to also relieve the discomfort. Quite pricey but well worth it.

    Good luck

    We used gripe water with my daughter and she doesn't have it anymore, she's 16 weeks now. Hope that helps.


    I used a herbal remedy called colacynth (think that's how you spell it!) … I used a herbal remedy called colacynth (think that's how you spell it!) granuals thats you give your wee one....about a couple of quid from mosy chemists...infacol never worked either....if your wife is breast feeding get her to drink some fennel tea as it will soothe your wee one too.

    thats a homeoptahic medicine in case they ask what section

    good luck...jack all worked for my son.

    Another vote for gripe water:thumbsup:

    You could perhaps try different positions when breastfeeding. We found the "rugby ball" position to be quite effective, Infacol did pretty much nothing for us either! Might also be worth paying close attention to mum's diet, baby may be sensitive to what she eats. I know our little un wasn't too keen when her mum ate too much fruit and/or veg before feeding...

    Hope this is of some help, I know just what you're going through!!

    I went through exactly the same thing with my 3rd child, i deeply sympathise with you. Does your wife think she's got enough milk for the little 1? Looking back now i realise i didnt but wouldnt admit it to myself, as i managed to breast feed my 2 older children with no hassles. Was it a difficult birth? People do say that cranial osteopathy does work but it's expensive. All the best

    my son was breast fed and very colicky, bloody nightmare, my sympathys are with you all. never tried the fennal tea, anythings worth a try. ask your health visitor, an osteopath or baby massage through the day, please, please remember it goes away

    colicy babies tend to draw their knees up as they cry.

    Just something we've all been through, I guess.

    IMO I would take little one to the doctors for a check up just to make sure there isn't anything more serious going on.

    If it's making you and your OH feel at your wits end try taking it in turns just so the other one can nip out the room and sit down for ten minutes with a cup of tea before going back in. And enlist the help and support of anyone you can. Grandparents, at the ready!

    My sympathies. I've seen four through this. Remember it doesn't last forever x x x

    My little man suffered when he was a baby. He had to be winded about 4 times per bottle and to actually get anything up, I had to put him on his tummy over my knee and rub quite hard. He also suffered from bad reflux too, so I always had to feed him and cover myself and the floor in bath towels. Infacol didn't work for him at all, but gripe water stopped the screaming straight away. Obviously didn't help with the reflux, but at least he wasn't screaming.

    It's worth giving the health visitor (or NHS Direct if you cant get hold of her till Monday) and check whether it's ok to give a slightly smaller dose as you mentioned waiting 10 days, so I presume your little one is 10 days off the age reccomended on the bottle? It's not medication as such, so NHS/health visitor might say is perfectly fine to give as it's such a small amount of time to wait. Hope something works though because it really is tiring for everyone :-(

    I found massaging the baby's tummy in a clockwise (NOT anti-clockwise) direction helped a lot.
    Good luck Mark, hope you get some chill out time with ur missus today!
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