Help with computer mouse

    Since last night the mouse on my laptop suddenly seems super sensitive. When I click on something it can act as though I have clicked more than once.

    Moves as it normally would and the scroll wheel is normal

    Have looked at mouse settings but cant seem to find anything about sensitivity, other than how quickly you have to double click.

    Laptop has been restarted, also been switched off over night. Mouse has been unplugged and plugged back in

    Any advice would be welcome


    go to mouse settings in control panel, you can slow it down in there

    you can change the click speed of your mouse from slow to fast in your control panel

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    Have looked there but cant see anything to change that would help

    I can change the click speed of double click, but the problem is that when I am clicking once it is registering as twice etc

    Reboot your pc

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    Tried that, nothing seems to be working

    Looks like I need a new mouse, dont want to just go and get a new mouse though if its not going to solve the problem!

    Have you tried cleaning the mouse? I had same problem last year and after cleaning dust etc from it,it was fine:thumbsup: There was dust inside.

    My mouse has a button on it that changes the dpi or dots per inch thingy more dots more sensitive

    See if you have that button

    If it's a ball mouse, try what rosie2008 said - might just need a clean.

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    Thanks for the replies, rep on its way.

    Even worse now, it either doesnt register a click or registers it as multiple clicks! Definitely time for a new mouse I think! Have ordered one and am currently directing with the mouse and using the mouse pad to click!

    did u get a new mouse, has it solved the issue

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    did u get a new mouse, has it solved the issue

    I have ordered one

    I think it is dust in the old one, but couldnt clean it properly and I have had it for years anyway, so think its about time I got a new one! Didnt replace it when I replaced my laptop

    This is really weird kelly, I had exactly the same thing happen a few days ago. To be honest I thought I had some sort of virus so did all the normal scans and nothing came up.

    Changed the mouse and hey presto it's fine (touch wood).

    There was no rhyme or reason as to what had happened , it wasn't an old mouse, it was a decent optical one and clean so absolutely no idea why ??

    Anyway just thought I'd add that you are not alone , lol.
    Hope you get it sorted and a Happy New Year to you

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    Mine is optical too, have had it years though so wouldnt surprise me if it was a bit dirty

    Nice to know its not just me Happy new year!

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    New one seems fine, although taking a bit of getting used to! Smaller than the other one and think I need to adjust the scroll wheel a bit. Have changed the pointer speed already, it was zooming all over the screen!
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