help with confidence for swimming

    i wonder if anybody has an idea to help my young son gain confidence in the water. he had an accident with bubbles when he was very young and it has affected his confidence in the water. we are away on holiday soon. he has had lots of lessons, however, he cant progress as his fear remains strong.


    how about just floating? i.e lay him flat on his back in the pool (with no waves/people around) and slowly let go...if he keeps calm he will float....and you will be stood at the side of him if he panics? to be honest I would have thought learning to swim would have improoved his confidence already :?

    what is it exactly that scares him? is it the water coming close to his face?

    Shower instead of baths can help just to get him used to having his face wet,My son struggled until we found leesons with just five kids in and he came on leaps and bounds,

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    i think i will pay for one to one,thanks guys


    water confidence will only come form more tme with water, its not the same as learnign to swin, some never get over the fear, do you live local enough for him to be going everyday and use the time for fun
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