Help with connecting computer to network

    Could some brainy person please help me.
    Where I work, the office computers are all connected via a hub.
    However the workshop is about 160 metres away and we want to connect the computer there onto the network.
    As I understand it, Cat 5 cable is only good for about 100 metres.

    What is the cheapest alternative to getting the PC in the workshop hooked up.
    I have thought about a mobile dongle, but this means he won't be on our network.

    Any suggestions pleazzzze !!


    Get an ethernet hub or some form of ethernet extension and another ethernet cable.


    Failing that, just put a repeater in half way, or a cheap switch of some sort

    Ideally you need a cab to house a switch inbetween point A and B which then allows you the 100m cable distance from the midway point or you could have a fibre installed.

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    Could this be done through a plug in system that operates through the existing power cables ?
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