Help with connecting ps3 to internet?

    Hi all, im hoping someone here can guide me in the right direction as to what i need to do.

    I have a pc, which is connected to tiscali 8MB ADSL internet. Modem is connected to my PC via USB. Another PC in the house is connected to my pc via a Hub. And the Hub is connected to my Network Port at the back of the PC. When my pc is switched on, my housemate clicks on the internet on his PC and it goes through mine and connects to the net.

    I now have a PS3. If i have to go down the route of making everything wireless to get it working i will do, but what do i need to do, or how easy is it to connect an Ethernet cable to the Hub, and get the PS3 working through my PC also?



    agree with vixygwim, get a router.

    Then you, your housemate, and the PS3, can all connect directly to the internet via the router.

    Your housemate can go directly to the internet via the router without having to go through your PC.

    This article may help…spx

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    I think i will go down the wireless route at some point in the future, but just for cheapness sake for now i wanted to go the hub way just to get me started. The ps3 is in a different room, maybe 5 metres away. Will this be a problem? Also, which cable would i need as there are a few varients of network cable isnt there?



    cat 5e cable (ebay)


    cat 5e cable (ebay)

    i agree, i got mine from maplin and is 25m away and works fine

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    crossover cable or straight?

    You would only need a crossover cable if using the pc as a network bridge (ie no hub).
    Theoretically if your pc has wireless capability you could bridge the connection from the ps3 wirelessly to the pc.
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