Help with connecting stuff to my TV

    I have the following TV:…62D

    However for some reason Philips don't have VGA input for my slim line Vostro, so i am therefore having to use up one of my 2 HDMI sockets by buying a low profile graphics card and using the DVI to HDMI cable i had lying around.

    Ok that's not the problem, this is. I Also have PS3 and Philips 5960 HDMI DVD player connected via HDMI. Which one do i "sacrifice"? Read post 2


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    I could use this for my PS3 instead of HDMI:


    But it looks messy and not sure of the quality

    I could use this for my PC instead of DVI to HDMI cable:

    But i remember S-Video being aweful from my laptop to TV

    Last option is a HDMI switch?

    HDMI switch every time!! £20 well spent

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    HDMI switch every time!! £20 well spent

    Really? I thought most would say connect PS3 via component. The only thing with HDMI switches it's another remote lying around my room as well as the ps3 controllers.

    What do you think of this one:

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    How bad will the picture quality be if i went for the s-video to pc option?
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