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Found 19th Mar 2006
Hello I am new at posting, I downloaded a CPW voucher which entitled you to £15 off any phone over £50, I am not sure if I got it from this forum.

I went to CPW today and they told me they do not under any circumstances accept print offs, can any please let me know if I got the voucher from here, thank you advance.

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I'm moving this to Misc. Musings. It doesn't really belong in here. I don't think this offer has been posted here but it has been mentioned by some members I believe.

Do these look similar to the cashback ones. Because I was told I could photocopy those and the monthly bills, to send them in, and are currently waiting for the chequebacks.

If possible can you give us a link, or a scan of the printed voucher.

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Hello I do have the voucher, I downloaded it from somewhere last week, a forum site which said it can be used, I have searched my history but cannot find the actual link I get it from, if you want the voucher I can send it you via PM, just let me know.

u can get it here:
it says its valid till april 21st.
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