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Found 20th Nov 2013
I made a £20 bet on Ladbrokes (which I lost, but got £20 quidco) which was funded by my credit card through paypal. Just received my credit card 12 monthly statement and got a £5 handling fee and £2 of interest due to how the money was taken from the credit card by paypal. Is this normal?

I have made a couple of online bets before going back years (all getting quidco), but probably never using paypal.
On the email from paypal it does say Deposit to Ladbrokes instead of just Payment.
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My natwest credit card specifically says using it for betting will be classed as a cash advance and a fee with interest will be payable.. So they obviously deem a payment to paypal which goes to a betting company in the same light as if you paid directly to the betting company
you are better off using debit cards for gambling
oh well
Was dissappointed by fees on a Credit Card too (can't remember the cost). It's a shame William Hill didn't tell me about the relative merits of different payment methods - I would've used a Debit Card.
i don't know if you pay charges if you deposit to moneybookers 1st

Yes, you do. As you are not making a purchase and simply making a cash … Yes, you do. As you are not making a purchase and simply making a cash deposit into your account from your credit card the transaction is treated as a cash advance. Additionally, Moneybookers charge a 1.25% fee for uploading credit to your account from either a Debit or Credit card.

thanks for letting me know that as haven't had to depo there for ages
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