help with credit card insurance please

    I am having a real problem figuring out where to get credit card insurance from.

    I tried to call Abbey National credit card insurance yesterday and I was left on hold while this creepy male robotic voice sent me subliminal messages about some service that is totally unrelated.
    I kept being put back to no 2 in the queue. I gave up waiting.

    I spoke to Halifax and they offered insurance for £23 per year but I would only be covered if I were to report a credit card lost or stolen within 24 hours. I am not psychic how would I know if someone has abused my credit card in that short time scale? She couldn't answer that question.

    What is the best company to get credit card insurance from? And do I need more than that to be fully covered if someone else abuses my card?
    Rep and thanks given to anyone who can help and advise in this matter.


    ]Credit Card Protection CPP

    I have been using this for around 20 years (used to be CardGuard). They always payout promptly and solve problems very quickly. We pay for three years - £70, but you can buy a single year for £29.


    How Card Protection worksWhen your cards, your keys, your cash, tickets … How Card Protection worksWhen your cards, your keys, your cash, tickets or passports go, it’s hard to know what to do. After the initial shock, the disbelief and panic sets in. How can you do anything with no money, no ID and no way of getting home?Take action. Call CPP and we’ll take care of it. Not only will we notify your card providers and order replacements, we can also provide ]replacement keys and documents, as well as a cash advance to replace lost money and tickets. We'll take care of everything – one free call from anywhere in the world will help you get back on track.

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    Hi Predikuesi , thank you very much rep
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