HELP with credit ratings.

Found 17th Nov 2017
I use Noddle but obviously its free... i have just been scored a 2/5 (between very poor and fair)

Can any one recommend a good company that will help me to raise my credit rating? Or any suggestions?
I have done some of the most obvious like being on the electoral register, never missed a payment date on cards.

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Google 'credit building credit cards'. Basically you get a specific credit card, spend with it and pay it off before the end of the month (normal shopping) and it raises your credit rating. Not tried it myself. Saw it on money saving expert.
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Make sure you are on the Electoral register, worth a lot of plus points on your credit rating.
Get a credit card, use it and clear the balance every month. No idea what companies can do to help you.
This is how you get your credit rating up..... get a store card and buy a pair of socks. When you get your first statement pay off the balance and cut up your store card, simple as that.
Don’t apply for too much credit too quickly. Make sure any bank accounts and credit cards are in the correct address if you have moved recently. Close any dormant accounts.
The best trick I learned is to borrow and pay back, they don’t want to give you something for nothing, you’ve got to show them you’re worth borrowing to by building a good credit score. It’s impossible to build in a few months. Mine took a few years to build. Apply for argos store card, credit card, very account, or an account that you would like to borrow form but make sure you payback in time. Missed payments cause BIG damage. That’s how I got myself from a poor rating to excellent. Don’t spend much on them, on my credit card I will buy food shopping and my fuel and pay it back in time. Very account - I will buy something every few months for about £50 and pay that back too or set up a monthly payment plan. Borrowers will want to see your history. It’s like building your own little portfolio and I kind of enjoyed helping myself grow. Be on time, be consistent, enjoy the process and most of all be patient!
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1) The scores are made up. It’s their own interpretation.
2) Does your report have anything negative looking? A late payment for anything, doesn’t have to be a credit card or loan. Too many searches in a short period of time.
3) Do you have a mobile phone contract? If not would one be financially viable and useful? If so get one if you haven’t already.
4) Does your account have an overdraft? Are you in it?
5) Do you intend to get credit soon? Some sites will do soft checks now, without a credit file imprint.
6) Only search for credit when you need it.
7) Do you have a regular income?
Home address. is it static or been changed recently. Have you moved a lot in last 3-5 years.
9) Make sure electoral role is up to date.

Lots of factors. Many normally minor.
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The score they give is more important than their rating out of 5. It states the average encore in your area and in the UK. Is your score comparable to one's in your area?
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