Help with dead SE k800i

    I have a problem with my k800i. It has gone dead and wont turn on. It is fully charged.
    When I turn it on the only thing that happens is a little red light on the side flashes then a pause then 3 fast flashes.

    Any help anybody?

    I guess that flashing sequence means something?


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    Have a look here:

    Thanks have tried that but the program wont even connect to the phone. So looks like its gone forever.

    Repped for your help.

    Seems like it's a fairly common problem Gavin. Appears on lots of forums etc.

    Another "remedy" was to take the battery and sim out for a few hours and then re-instate.

    Anyway I expect you have read them all.

    Good luck and I hope you get it fixed

    it's called and erom failure. i've had quite a few of these and it's just a start up file missing from your phone. there are ways to sort this problem you need a piece of equipment called cruiser to restore the file without losing any data on the phone. hope this helps

    Many SE phones have built in features to repair themselves. You can try removing the battery and sim, then reinserting, switching on and leaving for a few hours plugged in to give it a chance to works its thing. this has worked for me on a k750i, and may work for you. sure doesnt hurt to try.

    look here also ]http//ww…621 PeteGraham on that forum knows his stuff!

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    Yes tried that thanks. Was hoping somebody might have something else to try.

    M8 I've been through 3 K800i, what you can do is pop into a carphonewarehouse, they will try and repair it on site if not they send it off to Sony Ericsson, Yes it can take upto 3 weeks, but its the easiest way. Also if you still have problems, the third time you take it to carphone they arrange for a new one to be sent to you next working day.

    They act like a Sony Ericsson repair centre. Best of all, its free of charge.

    Sometimes the battery maybe faulty as well.
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